Uber Cool pairing ~Nabari No Ou~

Er..they are not officially a lovey-dovey pair..but i won’t give up on this pair..never!;-) i just saw the episode 6..and saw this scene where Yoite X Miharu had an encounter O.o aw .. get rid of such pervy thoughts..it’s an actual encounter where in yoite brings miharu on a secret place & they talk about miharu’s power than can grant his wish….i don’t know how to explain it…But who knows…I’m reading some Fanfics about em’ but some are ridiculously lame..but some were Hi fives for me..and I already private messaged the author and demand for more fics..!(>,<)/

And here is the wallie I made few weeks ago and I used it as a background of my layout on my friendster account..


Me want’s more yoitexmiharu ~labu labu! >.< fan-girling again.. Er..I’m not squeeing…it’s a girlish thing to do..XD