Totally Captivated-Chapter 45 [BL Manhwa]


Here I am again posting TC ch.45 in raw..I know some of you might be to tired of this. Well..can’t be helped because I don’t have the right to share stuff that is scanlated by others, unless given permission.Anyways, if you are too tired of this just let me know..~ (><.) Ooh..Honestly, I wasn’t able to get the any idea of what’s  happening from this chapter. I wish I knew korean.

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BoA – Eien (Promo) [2009.02.18]

Posted On January 17, 2009

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01. Eien (永遠)

BoA’s upcoming japanese single to be released 2009.02.18. It sounds similar to one of the tracks in her American album and for me the song is catchy, Let’s just hope this one will score in the Oricon chart upon it’s release.


Totally Captivated- Chapter 44 [BL Manhwa]

I’ll just make this quick..^^ Coz this is way too late..right?. so yeah~ here it is.And  I want to thank all those who made comments..I really appreciate it..


Totally Captivated Ch.44 raw