Totally Captivated-Chapter 46 [BL Manhwa]


Sorry for the delay guys~ It’s been 2 weeks or more so since it was posted, this is so late…But I’ll post it anyway~

The scanlated chapter is already out too~

Download link


3 Responses to “Totally Captivated-Chapter 46 [BL Manhwa]”

  1. Je Phan

    So this is raw, right sis? Thanks so much :]

  2. jeapril

    I don’t want to be rude, but I think the link was broken or something. Can you please resend me the link of Totally Captivated RAW? Thank you so much. I am having a project translating this manhwa into my language so I really need that RAW version. Thank you

    • jhecka89

      I’ll try to find the copies

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