Totally Captivated-Chapter 47 [BL Manhwa]


Few more chapters to go..Aw.I feel a bit sad .though..Well, let’s just hope the last chapters will bring out the most excitement that all of us have been waiting spoilers..ugh* I hate sad endings..anyways, here’s the latest raw scans..enjoy~

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One Response to “Totally Captivated-Chapter 47 [BL Manhwa]”

  1. Miharu

    Thank you very much quick release of the raw as always. I am really grateful. When you said a few more chapters to go, do you mean the end for the series? or just for volume 6 >_<. Hopefully, it will not end. I thought that it was going to go on for up to vol 10 or something.

    Ewon is so cute. I really hope that the next chapter will tell us more. This chap is really short T+T.

    Btw, do you know the release date for the next chap in raw?

    Thank you very much for sharing XD

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