About me


Name: Jhecka
Age: 18 years old
B-day:November 26.89.
Location: Phil

I am a regular 18 year old filipino girl currently wasting her life in Philippines, a small country to share no land borders with its neighbors. If your planing to go on vacation I recommend my country especially somewhere in Visayas.(^^.) Philippines is a really boring place to live in though, just another small,corrupted county in the middle of pacific with low standards of living and “antiquity” written all over it. Thats why I always dreamed of going out of this and see the modern world. Unfortunately thats not going as well as planned. The only good thing about my location is the beaches?er..no..maybe weather which makes summer well summer! Luxury most of you have to pay for to have, me on the other hand have it but we don’t really call it luxury.
My mother tongue or the language I speak on daily basis is Tagalog and Chavacano(Dialect). I think you already figured that English isn’t my first language by the typos I constantly make and forget my awesome grammar structure.
As far as my family goes I’m the eldest, with a 15 year older brother who is a pain in the ass most of the time. He’s only purpose in life is to make mine miserable but those are just thoughts of one’s younger sister who loves him love2. I’m currently leaving with my mom & two siblings in our house in Zamboanga City.The rest of the family doesn’t exactly live under the same roof or next door. Don’t get me wrong I love my family. (>.<)/

Like most people, I have no idea where to start describing myself. Im the type that keeps everything to herself. Weird, quiet most of the time,stubborn,random would probably be the closest words to describe me. I have a problem getting close to people and trusting them but eventually with some patience on their behalf I manage to open up which rarely happens but does happen. Stubbornness and solicitation are my virtues. When I think I’m right theres nothing in the world that could change my mind lookright but I’m pretty much always wrong. I have a low self-esteem which is actually a good thing because people with high self-esteem mostly end up being greedy,selfish bastards/bitches or 6 feet under ground, lol. I bite my nails when I’m nervous which is a bad habit from childhood. I don’t blab unless theres something worth blabbing about if not I prefer being silent as uncomfortable as that may seem to the person that with me to me it ain’t. I’m not intrastate in yapping rumors just to talk about something. I don’t really listen to what my friends tell me so I successfully forget everything the next day. I like to pretend to have a strong personality but its usually the other way around. If you piss me off I wont argue with you I’ll just ignore you until you start hating yourself for pissing me off and apologize. I’m not obsessed with makeup,wardrobe,handbags nor shoes like some of I know and smoking nor getting waisted aren’t my top priorities in life so all of that crap isn’t what I’m about . Lol being even a bit normal now a days isn’t normal at all from what I managed to figure out from the way most people my age act.

School, jobs and social life:
I never liked books,readying nor studying so going to school was the last thing I looked forward too. It turned out to be a complete waste of time because I forgot pretty much every boring thing I’ve ever learned in my so called life’s education. School wasn’t all that bad until the serious part came where they filled my head with “you have to study your future depends on it” crap. When I’m eager to learn something I’ll learn it and not because someone told me to do it. Unfortunately in this world your only consider “smart” if you have a bunch of degrees next to your biography. Its safe to say that I’m a smart-ass and a dumb-ass at the same time.
When it comes to working in not a fan then again who is?
Sleeping is a total comfort time if you ask me. Social life hmm… I don’t have one. Seriously I don’t. So yeah my social life sucks tell me something I don’t know.*winks*

When It come to music I can blab for days. Music is something I adjust to really easily. What I mean by that is that I can listen to pretty much anything
that sound good to me and only me. It can be on my own mother tongue, some foreign language I really don’t get or English. I never cared what others thinks about my music taste. You think my sucks I think yours is worse *smirk* then again everyone has the right to like and dislike. My favorite J artist/bands are YUI,Younha,Utada Hikaru,Ayumi Hamasaki,Shimokawa Mikuni,Kawabe Chiecko,HYDE,Miyavi,Nami Haruka,Aya Hirano,EXILE,Orange Range,UVERworld,Back-On,Do as Infinity,Hitomi Takahashi,MIyano Mamoru,Last Alliance,pigstar,RURUTIA,Rie Fu,Nana Kitada,L’ arc en ciel and the list goes on and on.Im not really a fan off old rock, pop, rap, opera etc still i can listen to that kind off music umm…here and there…I wont name any artist so people don’t look at me with the “why don’t you like them? They are awesome” look. Also the artists that yell instead of sing? I mean some can pass with good lyrics and all but some…Come on! They yell and burst your ear drums. According to that everyone can be a singer. I might consider building a signing career.Ok pray that don’t happen and pray you never hear me sing because not only that your ear drums will pop but the brain inside your head will explode. tear-cry so yeah thats how bad I am in singing.

Computer + Photoshop = Web-Design:
When my cousins my age are wondering where to go out on weekends im breaking my head off thinking how to get rid off the virus infection that entered my computer,what the hells wrong with the layout im coding or swearing out loud because Photoshop blocked on me. So as you can see i’m not your average girl who doesn’t know shit about technology.Thats often the reason why im the one fixing my cousin’s computer messes. The sad thing is I understand my computer better then my own cousin’s, lol.
I got in to graphic a year ago or was it? I cant remember. So an on-line friend got me a nice Photoshop to keep my mind off things. BTW kids illegal programs are your friends! So anyway he started showing me all of this neat tricks and before I knew it Photoshop became my number one buddy.Lol considering that he was working with a retard he had to use screen-shots to show and explain stuff. I’ll let you in a little secret.
I wasn’t all that “dumb”, I understood more then I let him believe. lol Why? Thats the part I’ll keep to myself. Several months passed I became more experienced reading tutorials, experimenting, exploring every bit of PS.

I lost interest in anime for a while some time ago. I don’t know how or why that happened but it probably has to do with the fact that I’m rarely at home so I cant just sit and watch something then again thats just a lame excuse really. I’m not even a fan of TV shows. Your probably wondering why most of my graphic is anime related ? Ofcourse..For some reason I prefer working with anime rather then real life related things because to me the images are pure fantasy and real life is just that “real”. When it comes to anime I cant say that I’ve seen a lot.I like all types of genres except ecchi,yuri,and hentai.YEah yeah..i sounded like a liar i’ve actually seen some hentai anime but it never got me into it..but i do love YAOI though..That i may admit..Haha!.i’m 100% nothing against it. For those who dislike BL u may not know its the most popular animanga genre in japan next to shounen & shoujo manga..Kampai!.But i rarely open up about it with my cousins,coz they’re a bunch of homophobes and they really dislike anime of that genre.i wish i had a cousin who’s a fan girl just like me..Anyway..

I think I’ll stop here.lol you already got bored reading haven’t you?..

Soo..Thats all for now..^^ Ja!Itekimasu

About the site

is a personal anime blog. In so being, it should contain anything that has to do with anime that I personally find interesting or appealing. It being a personal site also means that this is a place for me to voice my opinions about anime or anything related to it (i.e. manga, anime blogs, etc.).and some random issues.yeah…expect pure randomness..^^


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4 Responses to “About”

  1. mamo_chan

    I love your blogging style…hope we can chat sometime soon

  2. Kitsune

    Indeed, people often get paid based on the degree they have rather than their skill. It is unfortunate state of affairs, but one can certainly adapt to it. Every class can be made interesting if you are a curious person. Learn what they want from you and try to come up with new questions on the topic, read some extra resources. This way your experience will be more interesting and engaging.

    “Don’t let schooling interfere with your education”
    – Mark Twain

  3. maasim

    OH GOD! We’re close in age and both filipino…SO CUTE! ^ ^

  4. jhecka89

    @maasim – cool so we’re town mates!..hmm.I’m turning 19..and am not happy bout it!..(>.>) how bout u?..how young are u?.^^

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