How do you know?really?how?

Posted On August 22, 2008

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I don’t think it is possible to entirely forget someone if you have been in a relationship with them. Although the bad has made you seperate, you cannot forget the good memories (“if any”; real or made up) that you may have had. When matters concern the heart, the brain doesn’t matter ~ the heart is like a void that is like an unless void devouring and consuming everything in its’ wake.

There is never really a going back to ‘being just friends’, because what human beings cannot let go of most is feelings of betrayal and being lied to (in which ever way; in words or in emotions);~ true love is based off trust ~ trust that is built up first in getting to know someone and forming a bond of friendship ~ Love is dropping all your emotional safeguards and being able to let everything in your heart flow freely.

I think actually living life you have to move forward instead of being stuck in the past ~ yes memories are nice things to hang onto but you can think of it in terms of a lesson learned; about what you really want and aiming higher and persuing something better. Worst thing you can do is be indecisive and let a situation keep you in a lock and prevent you from moving on and stunting your growth as a person and with that in learning, seeing and finding what love really is.

There is a saying that has helped me view life in a better light ~ something that I like to think about when life isn’t exactly going your way.

“Happiness isn’t getting what you want; it is wanting what you have.”

If you believe in the whole reincarnation thing, we are here in this life to learn and experience things we did not manage to do in our previous life time. I don’t think of myself as a greedy person; I would be happy if I had more in my life, but I am content with what I have now. If I cannot find something like true love in this life, it probably wasn’t meant to be ~ I rather be searching all my life finding it than have something only a fragment of a fading memory ~ Love is something I can see transcending life and death ~ drawing me toward my other half from this life to the next to eternity ~

None of us can tell you if you still like that person or not, only you can do that.

So you need to sit down and sort your feelings out (easier said than done really…).
It might sound like you are jealous, but you need to find out if that is true or not.
Are you mad at him for moving on too fast: because, you havent? or you were hurt because even after all you two shared, ht manage to move on so quickly?
Or is it because you still have feelings for him, and you never wanted to break up with him, let him go?

Finally, I leave you with this. I have strong feelings for someone that I know will not have feelings for me. But during this time, all I can do is to be as good of a friend to that person as possible, To love someone is to truly love them, for their strength, AND weaknesses. It is completely independent whether that person likes/loves me or not. As long as that someone is happy….(and its not easy!!!)


What is あい(Ai)?

Posted On August 14, 2008

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Alright, let me get this straight. Ai is LOVE in Japanese ..I know it’s really dorky and cheesy to be talking about love this time, the reason why I post something bout this four-letter word which I’m pretty sure everyone of us encounter everyday that I found something on  YOUTUBE er..that something of course would be nothing else but a video right?..>,> (well, I wanted to give the credit to that user but I guess she/he won’t allow me to post the link of his/her video in any blog, so I really have to respect her rights. For her sake and NO video link) that moved me and changed some of my perceptions about Ai (Well,let’s just use this term for now.(>>,) I’ll just quote some of the phrases of what that person stated on the video

Love is contradictory,simple and complex. You can be straight and even fall in love with someone the same sex. Love is everywhere yet nowhere to be found. Abstract yet solid. How can it be both?In different levels?No it’s only one thing.

The person must be so into it and she/he didn’t notice how much she/he expressed much about what he/she’s trying to convey thru his/her video. For me, that person’s perception of Ai is so deep and one of the coolest thing I’ve heard and personally the person is cool too.. The person described his/her personality as to what his/her videos are all about not only the one that talks about love and even said that he/she is a bisexual. So that’s way better to understand coz I guess that person had both the experiences falling in love in both male and female..HAHA!?Like he/she said a person can be straight and even fall in love with the same I’m pretty relieved! In the sense that I may fall in love with the same sex in the future without violating my gender profile..haha!>.< yosh!…I have to study for my lessons after I write this post and I’m so hungry right now..My friends who might be reading this ..Sore ga ai deshou!?(I guess that’s love!?)..haha!~