Woot!Asami & Aki-chan..neh?

After I’ve read the latest chapter of this awesome work of Yamane-sensei, it was a cliffhanger though, I missed the smexy scenes Aki-chan with Asami.. Ooh look…My banner sexy Asami with Aki-chan!..er..I know its a crappy work on my part..but I don’t have the creative aura in me at this point in time, since I’m all worked up last night, reading VF fics..^^; Yeh!..It was like 12 am.
Hmm..I’m free this coming week so I might as well take a break and create some icons of VF and JR(Junjou Romantica) ..speaking of Junjou..Gah!I hate the anime that replaced JR’s timeslot it was somewhat entitled Strike Witches..(Yeah..witches!they are witches..replaceing JR *sniff*)..blah!blah..hmmf..it’s not all worth replacing JR at all I mean..it suck .big time..*sigh* Now I have to deal with JWS (Junjou Withdrawal Syndrome) this time…And the fact that I’ll have to wait till October makes me sick..

BTW have you checked out the new BL anime called Antique Bakery?
BL...yeah..it is BOY's labu-labu~

yeah,,It’s BL >.<..I just downloaded it a while ago..And I’m gonna watch it now..
so Laters~ swwoosh*