Gale force!

Posted On September 21, 2008

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*fangirling mode*

Gale Harold – My current celebrity no he’s one of my current object of fan girl fetish next to Nikishido Ryo of NEWS,Hero Jaejoong of DBSK..haha!Actually it’s really rare for me to get obsess with America-jin celebrities because I’m more exposed to Asian media in the internet recently except with the ones I watch on cable t.v.

Gale Morgan Harold III (born July 10, 1969) is an American actor best known for his roles on Queer as Folk and Vanished. In May 2008, it was announced that he will be joining the cast of Desperate Housewives.

Though this super hot talented actor played a stunning hot gay man in Queer as Folk an American series he’s definitely straight though he never mentioned about him being involved with a man neither going out with anyone so far. If you wanna obsess over somebody you might as well obsess over the best.  He got everything!And he’s looks doesn’t look he’s age.I hope I won’t move on from this “obsession” for a long long time. *grins*