I’m out…for now..

Posted On July 7, 2008

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So this blog is going on hiatus. There will be no new stories or whatever for a while, but the current site will remain accessible as an archive. Thanks to everyone who’s commenting and visiting this blog site for who knows what particular reason..^^ but anyway..at least blog stats are going up..so yeah..!for now..I’ll leave this blog just the way it is, and focus on my real daily activities and such..most particularly with my studies since enrolling into nihongo class was indeed my own choice and that makes me quite unaware that I’ve chose to dig my own grave, I never thought that the class will be scheduled 3 times a week and 2 hours per session to top it all off it’s 5:30 -7:00 in the evening.excluding my schedules from my own college…>.< and I have to tell you majority of the people in my class were already professionals,and some were from different colleges and universities..I dared to ask one of them as to why is he taking this language course,and he answered that he’s not interested in learning the language coz it’s damn to hard but his work requires it..and I was like..Oh,I see..I was so not going to tell him that my reason for learning the language are all just a whim.Well at least my future career doesn’t require any language degree, knowing how to speak,write and understand English,it’s all the matter..

So far, I’m having the hard time,adjusting myself to my new schedules…now I have to restrain myself from reading FANFICS so that I can fully concentrate on my books the were all piled up on my desk..*sigh*