Posted On September 29, 2008

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I’m trying to post something new..but can’t find anything worth posting ..or should I say word blogging about..There are lots of things bothering me lately and I can’t sorta think straight, the final exams are coming next week, and as much as I wanted to stay away from the internet I always find myself in front of the PC tapping the keyboard as usual. *sigh* Another problem is my Japanese class, which made me more depress because I only have 2 weeks left to study till the next JPLT, and my kanji still not improving. There are loads of work I wanted to accomplish this year, shows I wanted to finish watching,kanjis I wanted to learn and books I wanted to read. Demo demo demo…lot’s of demo (demo=but) I’m freakin lazy!.and I can seem to help it!.gosh..hehe..so yeah!..