Junjou 2 Preview!

Yay!finally I got a glimpsed of the much-awaited Junjou series 2!*jumps around* I was like really surprised to see the preview on Veoh.com.
Though I was a bit excited to see on Usagi-ani looks in the series.and oh,the new OP theme was catchy and whimzical.
Check it yourself!

Watch Junjou Romantica Season 2: Preview #1 in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Watch Junjou Romantica Season 2 Preview#2 in Anime | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com


Madness,Total madness…

I’ve been very addicted to this anime recently that i had to go over to almost all the website that contain

“Junjou romantica” somewhere within any website. From big scans of magazines to tiny icons from livejournal, i keep saving it in my precious files of BL stuff. Yeah, i do have such Folder only for BL.

For me its totally priceless, though i can only stare at them, those stuff are for my eyes only, coz i can’t touch em’ LOL..but i do hope maybe next year i’ll find myself a job to buy BL stuff online. The problem is i don’t know how PAYpal works here in my place. I really do want to get myself that junjou romantica stationary i saw in their official site, not only that i mean all of em’ (e.g wallclock with misaki & usami) waah!…i hope someone who’s angel in disguise would send me those..wait …that’s impossible ..there’s no more stuff for FREE nowadays..LOL. and so maybe i have to stick with my goal..To earn my own money & get my self those stuff .. mine mine alone!..*evil laugh* hahaha…

Oh by the way..this is the AMV i made for due to my obsession with junjou animanga.

The clips used were the very first episode subbed released by Adlina the webmistress of the ever awesome junjou.info they call it softsubs since Aarinfantasy’s the one doing the hardsub. The site is actually where i hangout most of the time to check out BL scans & anime episodes,but the site’s offer not just all of that i mean they almost got all what a yaoi fan may ask for. so it’s the best site for my obsession so far.

hmm..did i mention that i’ve been an AMV fanatic in my ABOUT ME post?..did i?..so so..I AM..i had my YOUTUBE account for almost a year now, and i’m still on my 13th amv..well at least i had progressed from only 7 videos last year. but what i’m after is my fellow fans feedbacks. that’s what i love about posting AMVs in Youtube you get feedbacks either positive or negative but so far i got more positive comments,and negatives ..i can count em’ with my fingers..so here’s another AMV of junjou romantica i created it when i got hit by this lovestruck over this two couples from one of the popular series of Nakamura Shungiku-sensei’s masterpiece which is Junjou Egoist. HiroKi~ i love their emo scenes,and their love story is just so too good to be true..but i kinda hate hiro-san’s attitude & ego..LOL..that’s the reason why it’s called Junjou Egoist…(^_^;)

Haha!though i somehow received a negative comment on this amv. It won’t get in my way on creating more junjou romantica amvs. I’m still waiting for the rest of the action-packed scenes on upcoming episodes.Just so you wait..hahaha!*evil laugh*