Totally Captivated- Chapter 43 [BL Manhwa]

Waah~ I didn’t post chapter 42.Maybe you already read it coz Its already scanlated.Just tell me if it’s still necessary.I’ll post it here.I’ll just post the latest raw chapter and I can’t find the previous. Well, I’ve been really busy this past few weeks that I haven’t been updated with the latest chapters of lots of manga/manhwa I’m never missed before.Not to mention the episodes of my the anime series I’m currently watching, I missed about 4 consecutive episodes already. Anyways, this might be a good lil present for people who loves TC.  WAh~I’m so totally captivated with the latest single of KAT-TUN! have you listened to it?..White X’mas!.I love it..Happy Holidays To Y’all!


Totally Captivated Ch.43 raw