Totally Captivated – Chapter 48-49 raw [BL Manhwa]

1 I’m sorry if it took so long… Here are the raw chapters of TC..Well..It’s really sad to know that the story is finally coming to an end. And I really think it should end with where it should suppose to end, eitherwise it’ll ruin the story. Well..Hope you enjoy the 2 chapters of Ewon and Mookyul’s Smexiness!haha….Thanks for all those who keeps visiting my blog…It was fun sharing TC with you!.(^^.)

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Totally Captivated-Chapter 47 [BL Manhwa]


Few more chapters to go..Aw.I feel a bit sad .though..Well, let’s just hope the last chapters will bring out the most excitement that all of us have been waiting spoilers..ugh* I hate sad endings..anyways, here’s the latest raw scans..enjoy~

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Totally Captivated-Chapter 46 [BL Manhwa]


Sorry for the delay guys~ It’s been 2 weeks or more so since it was posted, this is so late…But I’ll post it anyway~

The scanlated chapter is already out too~

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Totally Captivated-Chapter 45 [BL Manhwa]


Here I am again posting TC ch.45 in raw..I know some of you might be to tired of this. Well..can’t be helped because I don’t have the right to share stuff that is scanlated by others, unless given permission.Anyways, if you are too tired of this just let me know..~ (><.) Ooh..Honestly, I wasn’t able to get the any idea of what’s  happening from this chapter. I wish I knew korean.

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Totally Captivated- Chapter 44 [BL Manhwa]

I’ll just make this quick..^^ Coz this is way too late..right?. so yeah~ here it is.And  I want to thank all those who made comments..I really appreciate it..


Totally Captivated Ch.44 raw

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