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Hello readers. I want to know what kind of stuff you want to see in my blog.
I’ve been out for quite some time,and as of the moment I’m a bit confused about what to write.
Just tell me anything, I’ll look into it.
For now,I’m thinking about writing about books that I’ve read and movies that I’ve watched.
I know it’s far from the stuff that I posted long time ago. But I’m giving it a try.
For the genre, I think it’s limitless. I will still post manga raws as per request depends on my sources, i’ll look into my past sources such as forums,but some are unfortunately have been taken down long time ago. Due to copyright and stuff the sources became so limited so I hope you guys understand. So that’s about it for now. I wanna hear from you guys. Arigatou gozaimasu. tumblr_muwwr7STlm1rf8utio1_500



Posted On September 6, 2010

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I’m terribly sorry for being on hiatus for such a long time.
For all those who follow my journal, for some updates on raws of the series Totally Captivated,
I will not be uploading anymore.

BUT I will if someone will ask for it.

As of now, I’m planning to upload raws of some manga.
I will post the title soon.

Sorry for the wait.

See yah~

Totally Captivated – Chapter 48-49 raw [BL Manhwa]

1 I’m sorry if it took so long… Here are the raw chapters of TC..Well..It’s really sad to know that the story is finally coming to an end. And I really think it should end with where it should suppose to end, eitherwise it’ll ruin the story. Well..Hope you enjoy the 2 chapters of Ewon and Mookyul’s Smexiness!haha….Thanks for all those who keeps visiting my blog…It was fun sharing TC with you!.(^^.)

Download link – FIXED~~sorry for the inconvenience..

Totally Captivated-Chapter 47 [BL Manhwa]


Few more chapters to go..Aw.I feel a bit sad .though..Well, let’s just hope the last chapters will bring out the most excitement that all of us have been waiting spoilers..ugh* I hate sad endings..anyways, here’s the latest raw scans..enjoy~

Download link

Totally Captivated-Chapter 46 [BL Manhwa]


Sorry for the delay guys~ It’s been 2 weeks or more so since it was posted, this is so late…But I’ll post it anyway~

The scanlated chapter is already out too~

Download link

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